Wes Montgomery Licks

Wes Montgomery entered the scene after the reign of guitarists Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian. His unique style served as an influence to George Benson, Pat Martino, and many others. Wes was not very knowledgable of music theory, yet his distinct techniques such as using his thumb instead of a pick, octave sequences, and superimposing triads all contributed to his instantly recognizable sound. I hope you enjoy these Wes Montgomery Licks!

Lick #1

  • This lick can be played over the IV chord (Bb7) of an F blues.

  • The first measure of this lick quotes Wes from his solo in "Billie's Bounce". At 30 seconds into the song, you will hear this lick.

  • The second measure uses the F blues scale.

  • Click here to listen to this link on YouTube.

We Montgomery Lick

Lick #2

  • This lick starts off with a descending A minor arpeggio, and then continues in A Dorian.

  • This lick can be played over an A minor7 chord.

Wes Montgomery Lick