George Benson Licks

George Benson began his musical career playing with guitarist Jack McDuff. However, he soon broke away and began his solo career. His talent was noticed by the major record companies, and before he knew it, he was know by the entire world. Benson has many good recordings where you can hear some of his burning lines. Recommended listening: "Bad Benson". I hope you enjoy these George Benson licks!

#1 Lick

  • Here is a George Benson lick that has it all - chromatics, arpeggios, and speed.

  • In measure 1, there is an E minor arpeggio and a B minor arpeggio.

  • Measure 2 contains an A major arpeggio and an augmented shape at the end.

  • Click here to listen to this lick on YouTube.

George Benson Lick

#2 Lick

2) Here is a transcription of part of George Benson's solo on "All Blues" from the album Witchcraft.

  • Measure 1 leads into a new chorus via the G bebop scale. This is indicated by Benson's use of the Gb connecting the 1 to the b7.

  • Measures 2-3 contains 4ths and 3ds which is typical of Benson to use.

  • In measure 4, you may notice a descending F major 7th arpeggio which is very useable over a G7.

  • Measures 6-7 over the C7 contains ascending chromatics, along with plenty of altered tones.

  • To listen to this lick, go to 2:33 in the recording. *Note the first measure is a pickup, and the transcription is not an entire chorus.

George Benson All Blues Transcription