Andreas Oberg Licks

Swedish Guitar Virtuoso, Andreas Oberg, entered the scene at age 18 and since then has become a well known guitarist. He has flawless technique, and is able to play lines at blazing speeds. Oberg was a tennis prodigy in Sweden, but made the decision to pursue music. He has mastered many styles including jazz, gypsy jazz, blues, bossa nova, fusion, and many more. Below you will find a handful of Andreas Oberg licks so I hope you enjoy.

#1 Andreas Oberg Billie's Bounce Transcription

  • Here is an Andreas Oberg transcription from part of his solo on "Billie's Bounce". Click here and fast forward to 1:27 to here the transcription.

  • Measures 1-8 use a combination of mixolydian and blues scales over the F7 and Bb7 chords.

  • Measure 9 outlines an A minor 7 chord and D7 with a couple altered notes over the D7 leading to Gmin7.

Andreas Oberg Billie's Bounce Transcription

#2 Andreas Oberg Lick #2

  • This lick starts out with octaves on F, and continues using F and Bb mixolydian and blues scales.

  • Click here to listen to this lick on YouTube.

#3 Andreas Oberg Lick #3

  • Here is one more from Oberg's solo on Billie's Bounce.

  • Measure 1 contains a b9 passing tone over the F7.

  • Measure 2 uses a major 7 over the Bb7 which creates dissonance over the Bb.

  • Click here to listen to this lick on YouTube.