Major ii-V-I Licks

As I'm sure you are well aware, the ii-V-V progression is the most common chord progression used in jazz. Here's a handful of major ii-V-I licks and I hope you enjoy checking these out.

Lick #1

  • This ii-V-I lick uses both the b5 and #5 over the F7 chord.

Jazz Guitar Lick

Lick #2

  • This lick begins with some chromatic notes in the first bar, mostly staying within the Bb Dorian mode. In measure 2, Eb super locrian is used basically outlining an Eb7 chord. This lick ends on the 9 (Bb) of Amaj7 which creates an unresolved sound.

Jazz Guitar Lick

Lick #3

  • This one will get your fingers moving. All of the notes in measure one are in the Ab major scale, but measure two adds a few chromatic passing notes.

Jazz Guitar Lick

Lick #4

  • This lick is in the key of Ab major.

Jazz Guitar Lick