How To Improvise Over Minor 7th Chords

This lesson will go over some common and advanced ways to improvise over minor 7th chords.

1. Use the Dorian mode over a minor 7th chord. Over a dmin7 chord, use the D Dorian Mode (D E F G A B C). Here is an example of a lick using the D Dorian mode. 

Dorian Mode

2. You can use the Aeolian mode, or a blues scale over a minor 7th chord. Over an amin7 chord, use A Aeolian (A B C D E F G A) or the A blues scale (A C D Eb E G A). 

3. Over a dmin7 chord you can use both the A minor pentatonic and the E minor pentatonic scales.

Minor Pentatonic