Joe Bonamassa Lick

Joe Bonamassa, at the age of only eight, opened for B.B. King, and was also playing shows on a regular basis by the age of twelve. Since then, Bonamassa has released numerous successful albums and has played at many famous concert halls across the world. One of his hits, Driving Towards the Daylight debuted #2 on the British charts. I hope you enjoy these Joe Bonamassa licks!

  • Here is a transcription of the first nine measures of Joe Bonamassa's solo from his recording "I Know Where I Belong".

  • *Take note that the recording is a half step above what it is written below. I notated the transcription in the friendly key of A minor so that it is easier to learn.

  • In the second measure, the lick begins with a full bend and release.

  • In the sixth measure, the lick begins with a half bend and release.

  • Click here to listen to this transcription on YouTube.

Joe Bonamassa Lick