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Kenny Burrell is known for his simplistic playing style which made him a pioneer. His cool tone made his licks unforgettable, matched by his smooth feel. Burrell has played with many of the greats including Stan Getz, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Stanley Turrentine, and many more. It is important to study Kenny Burrell licks either as a beginner or an advanced player mainly to improve your swing feel.

1) This lick is taken from Kenny Burrell's solo in Chitlins Con Carne. 

  • The lick can be played over a C7(#9) chord and it the minor pentatonic scale is used here.

Kenny Burrell Jazz Guitar Lick

2) This lick is also taken from Kenny's solo in Chitlins Con Carne.

  • This can be played over the turnaround in a C blues.
  • Also note those are slides in the first measure where the slurs are!

Kenny Burrell Jazz Guitar Lick


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