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Arpeggio Essentials

  • An arpeggio is the notes of a given chord played individually instead of all at once.
  • As a result of learning arpeggio shapes, you will know exactly where all the chord tones are on the fretboard, which will lead to stronger, and more melodic solos.
  • Practice these through the cycle of fourths.
  • Below are some basic arpeggio shapes over a major and minor ii-V-I progression. I will present only a few, but it is important that you eventually learn every arpeggio shape.

Here are the arpeggio shapes for a C major ii-V-I progression. The shapes for D minor 7, G7, and C major 7 are written out. 

  • When practicing, play the shapes ascending as we as descending.
  • Transpose these, and learn them all across the fretboard.
  • Next move onto learning these major ii-V-I licks and see if these arpeggio shapes relate.

guitar arpeggio shapes

 Here are the arpeggio shapes for a C minor iib5-V-i progression. The shapes for D minor 7 flat 5, G7, and C minor 7 are written out.

  • The D minor 7 flat 5 chord is the same as a D minor 7th chord with a flatted 5th. Don't avoid learning the arpeggio shapes for these because they are essential for improvising over a minor iib5-V-i progression.
  • Next you should learn these minor ii-V-i licks and see how these arpeggio shapes relate.

guitar arpeggio
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